What everyone needs to know about project management

About Simple Project Management

How Simple Project Management was developed

Simple Project Management grew out of frustration with project management methods that were either too complex or painfully incomplete. Simple Project Management is the simple core of project management. It includes only what can and should be taught to everyone.

There are many things that everyone in an organization should know, for example: that revenue must exceed expenses, who the customer is, and what is the purpose of the organization. Behavior that doesn't take these important facts into consideration is a problem for any organization. Similarly, project management knowledge unlocks an organization's ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

When everyone knows these essentials, communication is vastly improved. Team members are able contribute more because they are able to focus their efforts more successfully. Customers know what to expect. Managers are better able to give guidance and support.

Who is Brian C. Christensen?

Brian is, among other things, a Project Management Simplifier. His mission in life has been to show people in organizations how project management can be made simpler and more effective.

He learned project management during 25 years with Electronic Data Systems (EDS), the world's top project management company. EDS is a phenomenon. With over 130,000 employees all over the globe, working with every type of organization (35,000 clients), doing every type of project, it is the best place in the world to master project management. Brian worked on projects for many EDS customers, including: Western Union, Eddie Bauer, Wallpapers To Go, The Bay, Harris-Teeter, Bruno's, Illinois Central Railroad, Frederick Atkins, McRae's, General Electric, Joseph Magnin, Liberty House of California, Fred Harvey, Montgomery Ward, the Uniform Code Council, and, of course, on internal EDS projects.

During his last six years with EDS he was one of the select group of people chosen to train project managers and one of the handful that developed EDS's advanced project management courses. He trained literally thousands of project managers from all over the world. He discussed project management in depth with them and explored what works and what doesn't. In that unique environment he was able to test many different approaches to project management. He found that the simple core of project management is both the easiest to communicate and the most universally useful.

After he left EDS, he took the time to condense the essentials of project management knowledge into a small book of just sixty pages. His book is available from this web site.

Project managers also need tools. Brian found that many project managers have to go through a lot of red tape to get the project scheduling tools they need. Worse, this happens at project initiation when time is at a premium. To solve this problem, he started the GanttPV project, which offers a simple, open source, cross-platform, project scheduling tool. Because the tool is open source, project managers can avoid the paperwork, download the tool, and get to work.

What is Brian working on currently?

Most of the time Brian is working on projects. He most recently finished managing two RFID projects for Wal-Mart customers who needed to satisfy the RFID mandate.

In his free time he is working on an article about cross-platform application development using wxPython.

I like his approach to project management, can he work on our project?

Maybe. Contact Brian directly to find out about his availability.