An open source project scheduling tool for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.
What will you find here?
  • Hints and suggestions on how to use GanttPV to solve common problems.
  • In depth descriptions of resource workload management and productivity tracking.
  • The story behind some of GanttPV's odd behaviors.
  • Detailed explanations on how to use many of the important new GanttPV scripts.

New Book: Managing Projects with GanttPV

This new book provides the information you must have to write export and import scripts and to define new report types for GanttPV. It provides detailed examples and a diagram showing the GanttPV data model. It comes as a PDF file. See the table of contents for more information.

GanttPV Server

Perhaps you have wondered if there is any way that two or more people can share and update the same GanttPV database? The answer is YES! After the database is added to the server, it can be downloaded by any number of people. Sharing changes is as simple as running a script.

The server can also display any GanttPV report as a web page. This improves on the current Export as HTML script by automatically displaying the most recent data. There is even an option to allow dates and other data to be entered via web browser.

Version 0.1 of the server is in final beta testing.

Follow Up Item Management

Use GanttPV to track and prioritize all of the follow up tasks of the project manager.

New sections!

The Workload Management page explains how GanttPV allocates hours based on duration, effort estimates, and assignments.

You must read Productivity and Expense Tracking to set up these features. Guessing will not work.

GanttPV Quirks explains where to find the print command, why double clicking on a .ganttpv file doesn't open it, what install scripts do, and other GanttPV mysteries.

Quick Hints includes: how to create mailing lists, reorder projects in the main window, put more that one time scale into a gantt report, and other ideas.


Current release

The current release is GanttPV 0.10. You can download it from

GanttPV Developer's Web Site

For a simple introduction on how to use GanttPV, try the GanttPV Tour.

For a variety of help topics, see the official GanttPV Help Pages.

To find brief descriptions of what the scripts do, see the Script Pages.

Using GanttPV Forum

Visit the Using GanttPV forum.