An open source project scheduling tool for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

Quick Hints

Many useful features of GanttPV are mentioned only in passing in some obscure corner of the documentation. Here you will find ideas that can help you get the most out of the tool. Some offer clever uses and surprising short cuts. Others simply point out the value of features that might otherwise not be appreciated. Be sure to email us if you have one to add to this list.

Combining Weekly and Daily Time Scales

GanttPV allows you to include a summary time scale and a detailed one in the same report. For example, you could show 8 weeks in summary and the next 14 days of detail.

When you create a Task report, insert both Week/Gantt and Day/Gantt. Use the "Edit Column Options" script to change the number of time scale columns for each. To visually separate the time scales, install a "blank" column between them. (It is hard to see but there is a selectable blank line in the Task report column type list.)

Project Contact Lists

To create a Project Contact List that includes people from both the specific project's resource list and the "All Projects" resource list: Add a new Resource report to the "All Projects" project. Rename the report to "XYZ Project Contact List". Hide all of the rows you don't want to include. (Check the list each time before you publish it to hide any new rows that you don't want to include.)

Distribution lists for email

Be sure to include an Email address column in the contact list for the project. Select the column and use the "Copy Selection to Clipboard" script. Paste the list into the "To" line of the email.

How can I change the order of projects in the main window?

  1. If you don't already have one, add a Project report to the "All Projects" project and insert the desired columns.
  2. Move listed projects into the desired order.
  3. Select main window.
  4. Select "Sort Like Related Report" from Scripts menu.

The GanttPV 0.7 beta release makes this much easier by providing buttons to move rows on the main window.

How to share files with a person who uses an older version of GanttPV?

Many programs change the file format with each new version of the program. This approach makes it impossible for older versions of the program to read new versions of the file. To work around this problem, an option is sometimes provided in the new program to save the file in the older format.

GanttPV takes a different path. Files created with version 0.6 can still be read by version 0.1.

There are some exceptions. If new features are installed in the file that earlier versions of GanttPV don't understand, the features will normally be ignored. There may be some exceptions where the older version of GanttPV won't work with the updated files. Most install scripts specify the required program version.