An open source project scheduling tool for Linux.

Using Planner Archive

Many people who are learning Planner have been unable to find documentation on how to use the tool. In response to their requests I have made an old copy of the Planner documentation available here. (Note that the images in the documentation refer to Planner as MrProject, an older name for the same program.)

Instead of Planner, I currently recommend GanttPV. It is the project scheduling tool that I use and actively support.

If you are interested in helping to package GanttPV so that it can be included in Linux distributions, please contact me at

(This following information has not been updated recently. See the explanation under "Using Planner Archive" above.)

Welcome to the Using Planner home page.

The Using Planner web site is a work in progress. Your suggestions and feed back are greatly appreciated.

What will you be able to find here?

To make this the best web site possible, we have tried to identify what each kind of users would need. The resulting user segmentation will help us to make sure that important needs aren't missed. You should be able to find what you need whether you are a new project manager, an experienced professional, or a programmer who has ideas to improve Planner.

Finally a sane alternative to MS Project!

After talking to hundreds of project manager about their experience with MS Project, I am delighted to find an alternative that is not more trouble than it is worth. Read why Planner is a better choice that MS Project for most project managers.

Planner documentation

This is an old version of Planner documentation that you might find useful. (I do not know of any more recent version.)

Recommended Book

[Book cover image]
Simple Project Management: The Book

This book explains what everyone needs to know about project management. It is not tool specific.

Current release

The current release is Planner 0.12.1. You can download it here.

Planner Web Site

A web site by the sponsors of Planner is available at: Imendio Planner.

Using Planner Forum

Visit the Using Planner forum.