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Planner - User Segmentation

We expect many types of users to come to the Planner web site. Here are the current target users and what we expect that each would hope to find here.It is certain that the user types will overlap.

This list is not intended to include everything that each user might want to know. Rather, it will try to identify the information that is essential for the user to accomplish his or her purpose.

New project managers who want to use Planner on their projects.

  1. Locate the version of Planner that will run on their computer.
  2. Information on how to use Planner.
  3. Information on how to manage a project successfully.
  4. Where to go for help

Experienced project managers who are considering whether to use Planner on their next project.

  1. Information that will allow them to evaluate whether Planner will meet their needs.
  2. Information on how to use Planner.

People whose organizations might consider standardizing on Planner

  1. Platforms supported.
  2. Tool features.
  3. Documentation and aids available.
  4. Suggestions on how to proposed it.

People would like to add new features to planner

  1. Technical overview of planner
  2. Planned direction
  3. Coding standards
  4. How to submit changes

People who would like to port Planner to a new platform

  1. Technical overview of planner
  2. Suggestions on what parts to avoid changing
  3. How to submit new vesions

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