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Planner - A Better Choice

As a project management trainer and coach, I have talked with hundreds of project managers about their experience with MS Project. I continue to be surprised that by far the majority of those managers are not positive or even neutral about the tool. They spoke of their frustration and irritation. They reported many fruitless hours where they couldn't get the tool to give them the results they hoped to get. Almost all blamed themselves for the tool's failings. Almost all of them expressed feelings of guilt that they weren't using more of the features of the tool.

As a result of our experiences, most of my fellow trainers would give strongly worded warnings about these common problems before we would introduce anyone to MS Project. In my book, Simple Project Management, I included a section that explains that MS Project has a great many features in case you need them, not because you need them. I explain that the best project managers use the minimum necessary features. It is a waste of time to enter data into the tool unless it is likely to give a big return on the effort.

Planner is different. Planner has the essential features that most projects need. It leaves out most of the features that are only rarely useful. The features that are included are implemented in a clear and straight forward fashion. Planner's approach avoids the sirens' song that pulls so many project managers into the rocks of wasted effort.

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