What everyone needs to know about project management

Table of Contents

This is the Table of Contents from the book Simple Project Management. Essential guidance is provided for all 12 of the main project management responsibilities. The most valuable feature may be the two page summary that is provided at the end.

Notice that in Section Two answers are provided to some of the most important questions that project managers ask. Which of these questions would you like answered?


Preface   1
SECTION ONEThe Simple Steps to Project Management  5
 Choose your destination  
Chapter 1 Scope - Set limits 7
Chapter 2 Contract - Gain commitment  9
Chapter 3 Customer - Satisfy the customer  11
Chapter 4 Value - Deliver benefits  13
 Decide how to get there  
Chapter 5 Cost - Look before you leap  15
Chapter 6 Risk - Anticipate problems 17
Chapter 7 Schedule - Complete tasks when planned  19
Chapter 8 Monitor - Make necessary adjustments  21
 Work together  
Chapter 9 Team - Match people and tasks  32
Chapter 10 Communications - Follow up on vital information  34
Chapter 11 Resources - Provide tools and support  36
Chapter 12 Quality - Set high standards  37
SECTION TWOQuestions and Answers 39
Question 1 Do I have to take the time to go through all of these steps?  40
Question 2 When should I put information in writing?  44
Question 3 What do I do if my customer will not approve the scope or some other critical information, but still wants me to go ahead with the project to meet the target date?  46
Question 4 What should I do if my management or customer insists on an entirely unrealistic completion date?  47
Question 5 How should I use project management software when creating a schedule?  48
APPENDIXWhy This Book? 53
 Summary 57