What everyone needs to know about project management

Simplify your project management processes

It is enlightening to examine the project management processes of an organization.

The "Have's"

If the organization has defined project management processes, it is usually a mixed blessing. They are usually targeted toward one group's needs and really don't fit other groups very well.

Often the people who developed them didn't really expect that people would actually follow the procedures. They may say that "these are tools for the tool box to be used with discretion" or "I can't believe that they are going to require this to be used on every project".

Templates and sample documents include fields to cover any conceivable circumstance. I have often met with people who have been assigned to review their organization's templates. I rarely see them remove fields or simplify forms. They almost always add additional requirements that would have been useful to them on a prior project.

Overtime the procedures tend to become more elaborate and more burdensome. Following the procedures becomes more a test of loyalty and willingness to cooperate than a demonstration of good sense.

Periodically each organization needs to cut the procedures back to the minimums that will work or risk being crushed under the burden.

It is important to include in the trimming process someone from outside of the organization who is free to notice what the emperor is wearing. My extensive background enables me to make sure that the improved procedures are not overly focused on one group's needs.

The "Have-not's"

Alternately, many organizations don't provide any organized help to their project managers. New manager must start from scratch and learn for themselves through trial and error the same lessons that their predecessors learned.

Usually the "have-not's" are the most receptive to a simple project management process for the simple reason that they believe that nothing could be worse than their current chaos.

I can help your organization to set up the training, procedures, and management support that are necessary for project effectiveness.

How it works

Normally an engagement will work something like this. When you contact us, we will:

  1. Discuss your situation.
  2. Decide who needs be trained first in Simple Project Management.
  3. Conduct a workshop to train and build a consensus on the value of the approach.
  4. Decide whether to trim and simplify the current procedures or to just replace them.
  5. If necessary or desirable, we will customize these materials or integrate them with existing materials that are worth retaining.
  6. Plan on-going training and followup to make sure the desired benefits are achieved.

Let's get started. Contact us at brian@SimpleProjectManagement.com