What everyone needs to know about project management

Simple Project Management Workshops

The workshop is the best forum to learn Simple Project Management. In the workshop we can:
  • provide interactive training that adapts the information to the needs of the organization,
  • encourage everyone to ask questions and fit this new information in with what they already know,
  • demonstrate that the approach matches their own experience, and
  • gain the commitment to put it into practice.

Typically the time in the workshop is divided between:

  • presenting the ideas of Simple Project Management,
  • discussing application to current organization needs and projects, and
  • doing activities designed to deepen understanding and commitment.

The workshops duration can vary between a half day and three days depending on the circumstances. More time is usually better.

Workshops are held at a location that is convenient to you. Contact us for information on cost and scheduling.

We can start now. Contact me to schedule a workshop: brian@SimpleProjectManagement.com.