What everyone needs to know about project management

What really makes directions simpler?

It doesn't simplify project management to leave out steps. Nor does it simplify to add extra information that you might need, but probably won't.

Think back on a time when you have been dependent upon following directions. Perhaps you were working through a new procedure at work or school. Perhaps you were assembling pieces of a kit, or filling out a complicated form, or traveling to meet someone in an unfamiliar part of town.

Let's use the example of following directions to an unfamiliar location. The same observations apply to all of these examples and probably your experience as well. Work through a few examples if you're not convinced. We all can discover from our own experience how important it is to simplify.

Simple directions are not the shortest directions. Abbreviated directions ("trn lft 2nd lt") are not clear as the longer version ("turn left at the second light").

It is even more simple if you provide a measurement ("after about 2 miles") and landmarks ("just past a gas station and before a supermarket").

Simple directions don't tell you one thing and expect you to do another. (Complaint: "The second light was a one-way street with no left turns." Response: "Then you should just go to the next street and come back the other way. I couldn't remember which street was one way. I thought you would be able to figure it out.")

Simple directions don't provide extra details that you probably won't use. (Complaint: "Why did you say that I needed to bring change if I went on a toll road? The directions you gave me didn't take me near a toll road.")

They don't explain things that you are certain to know ("Make sure you buy gasoline if you are running low.") unless the usual rules don't apply ("Be sure to buy gasoline here if you need it. Gasoline prices are much higher near the camp site.").

We live in a world where simple directions are a rarity. They are a refreshing change from our normal frustrations. Simple Project Management achieves simplicity while providing what everyone in an organization needs to know about project management. Each project management responsibility is explained and then summarized into step-by-step instructions. Just enough is provided to show you the direction you need to travel and to give you confidence that you can reach your destination.