What everyone needs to know about project management

Is project management knowledge just for the specialists?

Why does it matter? It matters because project management knowledge is the key to implementing change successfully in an organization. Every organization needs to be able to implement change and almost all important changes are defined or implemented through project teams.

Does everyone need this knowledge or is it safe to leave it in the hands of the highly trained few? Project teams draw their members from the organization. Members of the organization will interact with project teams. Everyone in the organization will be affected by what the project teams do. The more the members of the organization understand about project management the better they will be able to support, guide, and interact with the project team.

Is it possible for everyone to be project management experts? It is not necessary or possible for everyone to be project management professionals. But that doesn't mean that they should be ignorant of the essentials of project management.

It is not necessary for everyone in an organization to be a CPA, but everyone should understand what revenue is, what expenses are, and that the organization's revenue must be at least as high as its expenses. Everyone should understand the idea of return on investment.

There are a dozen project management concepts that are just as fundamental to life in an organization. The book Simple Project Management takes this project management knowledge and condenses it into bite size pieces. This makes it possible for everyone to know enough to help their organization to adapt.