What everyone needs to know about project management

Getting of to a good start

When the project is vital to your organization you need to make sure that it gets done well. You assign it to your best people, the ones with a proven track record. Why make sure they have project management skills, too?

It is easy to assume that a person who knows how to get things done in your organization also knows how to manage projects. Bad assumption. Projects, especially important ones, require an additional set of skills and knowledge.

Expecting that your best people will automatically be excellent project managers is a bit like expecting a brain surgeon will automatically know how to rebuild an automotive engine. It's not a matter of dedication, intelligence, or hard work. It is a task that requires an additional set of skills. Contact us now to bring these skills to your organization or read on to find out more.

Project management is not easy. It is made up of a dozen pieces that each have to be done right for the project to succeed. For example:

    Scope The project manager must manage the scope of the project. This starts with drawing the line that defines what work the project team will take on. The manager must also help the everyone through the transition between a draft scope and one that that people are relying on. The manager must know how to make sure that scope changes improve the chances for project success.
    Schedule The project manager must divide up the work so that it is easier to manage, layout tasks on a schedule, and manage the teams effort to get the work done on time.
    Monitor The project manager must select appropriate measurements to use to monitor the progress of the project. Especially important is the ability to make sure the team's productivity is high enough to assure that the project work can be completed as planned.
    There are nine other major project management responsibilities that are just as challenging.

Maybe you are wondering if you shouldn't assign the task to a professional project manager. Sometimes that is the right decision, but then you would have to make sure the project manager has what your best people have: the ability to get things done in the organization, understanding of the organization's purpose and customers, the relationships necessary to get support, etc.

What can you do?

  • Set up a training workshop on Simple Project Management for your project team. It will give your people the project management knowledge they need, show them how to be effective, and help them to buy in.
  • Arrange for a project management coach to be assigned to your project manager. A coach can fill in gaps of project management knowledge and help the team through rough spots that would challenge any professional.
  • Purchase copies of the Simple Project Management book for all of the project team members, the customer contacts, and the management team. It will provide the minimum knowledge base that everyone associated with the project needs.
  • Plan how you will make effective project management a part of your organization.

    We can start now.