What everyone needs to know about project management

Simplify your project management processes

Many organizations, in an effort to improve their project management processes, have created a variety of templates to help project managers plan projects. But do they really help?

One organization, that will remain nameless, tried to determine the minimum number of pages of documentation that would be required to create a project plan. After sorting through dozens of templates to determine which were the most essential, the result was that the documentation had to be at least 20 pages even for the smallest, simplest project - 20 pages before the templates were filled out! If a project manager filled out all of the templates it would be much worse. One minor template, by itself, was 20 pages long. Is this really the way to manage projects?

Many organizations try to manage projects through the templates. They try to create an environment where the templates guide the project manager through each step of the project from beginning to end. This typically results in a sea of templates that treat all project managers like beginners who haven't the skill or experience to determine what planning really needs to be done to reach the project goals. Templates and complicated procedures are no substitute for good training and effective performance management.

Even the best organizations over complicate and under manage their projects. How to solve that problem? Invite me to review and simplify your project management process by:

  • Streamlining your project management procedures and templates.
  • Improving the training and coaching of project team members.
  • Showing you a more effective way to guide the efforts of your project managers.